The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a survival RPG by Com2uS currently readily available on Android and also iphone. The video game is based upon a globe assaulted by zombies where various survivors collaborated to bring tranquility to their globe. Every survivor has various collections of power and also toughness which are to be identified by the gamers to make the five-man team and also battle versus the zombies. Stress not, we have actually summed up the personalities from The Strolling Dead: All-Stars according to their toughness in this Rate Checklist.

The Strolling Dead: All-Stars Personality Rate Checklist for September 2022

The video game has 4 rates for the personalities. The S-tier survivors are the most effective ones complied with by A, B, and also finally, C Allow us study the Rate Checklist of The Strolling Dead: All-Stars to make sure that gamers can aid themselves and also make the supreme team.

Rate Personalities
Solid (S) Ezekiel and also Shiva,
Great (A) Michonne,
Drug Store,
Fair (B) Jesus,
Weak (C) Leader Rick,
Rick Grimes,
The Strolling Dead: All-Stars Personality Rate Checklist

The Strolling Dead: All-Stars has 5 courses; Warrior, Storage Tank, Ranger, Service Technician, and also Assistance Allow us learn about the courses and also the most effective survivors under them.

Warrior Course: Leader Rick

The Warrior course survivors are best at frontline strikes with their ideal tool available. They have the most effective in-hand battling abilities and also surge the faces of zombies in a snap. Leader Rick is thought about the most effective Warrior course hero because of his tremendous in-hand battle battling.

leader-rick-warrior-walking-dead  The Walking Dead: All-Stars Tier List
Picture by means of Com2uS

It is an STR personality concentrated on P. ATK The personality has 3 unique strikes and also one supreme assault; Real Leader calls 3 soldiers that sign up with Leader Rick and also battle These soldiers offer a straight 230% assault on the zombies and also tidy them out.

Storage Tank Course: Carl Grimes

Container course survivors develop the most effective use their tools to beat the zombies The personalities utilize their tools and also give damages to the zombies from a range. Therefore, making them among the most effective long-range boxers.

Picture by means of Com2uS

Carl Grimes rules the course with his set of weapons This Container course survivor is likewise an STR-type personality concentrated on P ATK Carl Grimes has 3 unique strikes in addition to a supreme one; A Dad’s Lesson in which he utilizes a shock bomb that develops 140% of straight damages to the zombies.

Ranger Course: Andrea

The survivors of the Ranger course battle from the backline as sustaining boxers These survivors constantly feature among the finest tools as they do not have physical in-hand battle yet are the most effective in varied strikes. Andrea and also her magnificent sniper are the most effective Ranger throughout the video game.

andrea-ranger-walking-dead The Walking Dead: All-Stars Tier List
Picture by means of Com2uS

The strikes from Andrea simply cut those zombies with the greatest feasible damages and also clear the field of battle in a couple of secs. It is an STR personality focusing on P ATK. The supreme assault of Andrea; Quick Fire includes quick sniper shots continuously for the following 8 secs where the zombies deal a straight 150% of the damages on every hit.

Service Technician Course: Negan

Professionals are best at drawing away the minds of the zombies to make sure that the frontline boxers can conveniently beat them. This aids the team while battling a great deal of zombies and also win conveniently on the field of battle. Negan is thought about the finest Professional because of his ideal adjusting abilities and also in-hand battles.

Picture by means of Com2uS

He is an STR personality that been experts in P ATK Negan and also baseball are among the ideal mixes on the field of battle as it purges zombies in simply a blink of an eye. The supreme assault of Negan; Flavor It Up develops a substantial surge in which the zombies deal 230% of straight damages.

Assistance Course: Ezekiel and also Shiva

Assistance course survivors are best in their duties as stated. They aid the Warriors and also t he Storage tanks from the backside in in-hand battle with the zombies. A few of them concern the frontline and also battle, and also a couple of are best in varied strikes and also therefore give assistance from the backside.

ezekiel-and-shiva-support-walking-dead The Walking Dead: All-Stars Tier List
Picture by means of Com2uS

Ezekiel and also Shiva, the Tiger is the most effective Assistance course survivors over the video game. These personalities assault with each other and also abuse the zombies on the field of battle. They are the ideal INT personalities concentrated on FP ATK. the supreme assault; Tale of the Kingdom enhances the HP and also Power of both Ezekiel and also Shiva and also enhances their ATK price for the following 10 secs.

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