Claudia is a Assistance kind, the following Physical DPS personality as well as she has a really effective capacity in her toolbox the Physical Vibration, that makes her a premier participant of any type of physical-based groups in Tower of Fantasy Physical Vibration is an effective ability, that can aficionado Physical ATK as well as Resistance by a wonderful margin. In this overview, we will certainly discover more concerning Claudia in Tower of Dream, her ideal matrices, group structures, as well as the products needed for leveling her up.

Her package is concentrated on group fights as well as harmony, which is more matched by the Greivios debuff For these factors, Claudia is a very sought-out personality in the ready Physical groups Knowing her capacities at the earliest might give gamers with a side, given that the video game has actually positions related to benefits in almost all material.

Tower of Dream Claudia Overview: Personality Details

Claudia is an Administrator benefiting Hykros, that focuses on close battle with a sword. Claudia came from a family members of Hykros elites as well as she followed their steps to turn into one too. From her external manner, Claudia might appear unsociable as well as conceited, however in truth, she is a really type heart as well as gets along to those near to her. As a result of her nature, she was additionally viewed as a Hero by numerous. Throughout the Procedure Dark Armageddon, Claudia was significantly hurt as well as due to that, she needed to drop back from the cutting edge to recoup in a clinical center.

Claudia in Tower of Dream: Tool Details

Tool Call: Guren Blade

Guren Blade
Picture through Degree Infinite
  • Vibration: DPS
  • Component: Physical
  • Shatter: 7.50
  • Fee: 12.00

Tool Impact


Totally billed tools will certainly bring upon damages equivalent to 137.00% of ATK with the following assault, as well as make the target calamitous for 7 secs, taking 20% additional damages.

Physical Vibration

Rise physical ATK by 15% as well as physical resistance by 25%. Trigger by outfitting 2 or even more physical-damage tools. This collection additionally collaborates with tools in the off-hand port. This result does not pile continuously.

Tower of Dream Claudia Overview: Playstyle as well as Skillsets

Name/Description Kind
Assault Capabilities
Regular Assault (Quick Reduce) Assault x5
While on the ground, turn the blade to assault 5 times in a row.
Offer damages equivalent to 59.2% of ATK + 2 as well as knock the target back a brief range.
Offer damages equivalent to 82.9% of ATK + 3 as well as knock the target back a brief range.
Offer damages equivalent to 75% of ATK + 3 as well as knock the target back a brief range.
Offer damages equivalent to 131.7% of ATK + 7 as well as knock the target back a brief range.
Offer damages equivalent to 225% of ATK + 11 as well as introduce the target.
Leaping Strike Dive + Assault x4
While air-borne, make use of regular assault to assault 4 times in a row.
Offer damages equivalent to 35.3% of ATK + 1. Offer damages equivalent to 61.3% of ATK + 3. Offer damages equivalent to 145% of ATK + 8. Offer damages equivalent to 175.9% of ATK + 9 as well as provide a knockdown.
Cyclone Assault + Hold-Attack
Hold the regular assault switch after regular strikes to set off Cyclone. Upon hit, put on hold the target. Cyclone can deal 47.8% of ATK + 3 to a solitary target.
Diving Side Dive + Hold-Attack
Faucet as well as hold a regular assault while air-borne, or make use of a regular assault while climbing up, leaping in reverse, or utilizing the Jetpack to set off Diving Side. While dropping, deal damages equivalent to 10% of ATK + 1 for every hit. Upon touchdown, bargain damages equivalent to 76.4% of ATK + 4 as well as knock the target back. The greater the elevation when causing the assault, the higher the damages dealt, approximately 600% of ATK.
Creep Assault Crouch + Assault
Technique the adversary from behind while crouching, after that make use of regular assault to set off Sneak Assault, dealing damages equivalent to 570% of ATK + 30.
Dodge Capabilities
Dodge Dodge
Dodge right prior to obtaining struck to turn on a Phantasia, which decreases the rate of adversaries within the location. Cooldown: 15 secs. While dodging, you obtain hitstun resistance for 0.5 secs.
Jump Assault Dodge + Assault
Faucet regular assault throughout the brief duration after evading to set off Jump Assault. The Wanderer swings their blade as well as bargains damages equivalent to 37.9% of ATK + 2, highly suspending them while going air-borne. After that, bargain added damages equivalent to 56.8% of ATK + 3.
Ability as well as Discharge
Roam (Ability) Dancing with targets while turning the blade, dealing damages equivalent to 418% of ATK + 22 to approximately 5 targets (successive appeal the very same target bargain 20% much less damages). Wander has actually ended, to lower the room ahead, dealing damages equivalent to 264% of ATK + 14 to bordering targets as well as suspend them. Unsusceptible to manage impacts while ability remains in usage, as well as all damages taken is decreased by 50%. Cooldown: 15 secs.
Unbridled Flurry (Discharge) When the tool cost is complete or Phantasia is set off, switching over to this tool from an additional tool eliminates all debuffs from the Wanderer, that after that hurries to as well as highly puts on hold a target, dealing 523.3% of ATK + 28 damages, leaving a Bladestorm that deals 209.6% of ATK + 11 damages, while obtaining resistance to grievous/freeze/burn/ electrify impacts for 5 secs.

Claudia’s Simulacrum Awakening

Stiring up Factors required Opens
200 Character: Claudia
600 Log: Great to Satisfy You
1200 Simulacrum Quality: Claudia: Blink
One can go undetectable for 1 2nd upon evading.
2000 Log: A Valuable Heart
3000 Log: Guarantees
4000 Simulacrum Quality: Claudia: Darkness
Go undetectable for 1.5 secs upon evading.

Claudia’s Stars Degrees

Celebrity Degree Impact
S1 After striking a target with an ability or discharge ability, give 1 pile of the adhering to aficionado: Rise damages dealt by 8% for 25 secs, accumulating to 3 times for an optimum of 1 pile per ability usage.
S2 Boost the existing tool’s base ATK development by 16%.
S3 When striking a target with an ability or discharge ability, use 1 pile of Battle Wounds to the target: Rise inbound physical damages as well as ruin from physical tools by 10% for 15 secs. Accumulate to 1 time.
S4 Boost the existing tool’s base HP development by 32%.
S5 Striking targets with abilities or releasing abilities gives Ability Damages Increase, which enhances all tool ability damages by 20% for 25 secs. This result can not be piled.
S6 Abilities striking the very same target no more have actually decreased damages. After utilizing Guren Blade’s abilities or discharge ability, all targets with Battle Wounds within 8 meters gain an additional 1 pile of Battle Wounds.

Claudia’s third Celebrity Degree Skin

Tower of Fantasy Claudia 3rd level skin
Picture through Degree Infinite

Tower of Dream Claudia Level-up Overview

Claudia Products Demand for Tool Progressing

The products needed for Claudia’s progressing as well as rising right to the max degree of 200.

Note: Currently, the Worldwide variations’ degree cap is around 130, which will ultimately rise.

Tool Degree Progressing Products
Degree: 10 2x Rockcore, 400 Gold
Degree: 20 2x Rockcore, 800 Gold
Degree: 30 3x Acidproof Luster, 3x Rockcore, 1200 Gold
Degree: 40 × 3 Booster structure, × 3 Acidproof Luster, × 3 Rockcore, 1600 Gold
Degree: 50 × 4 Booster structure, × 4 Acidproof Luster, × 4 Rockcore, 2000 Gold
Degree: 60 × 6 Booster structure, × 6 Acidproof Luster, × 6 Rockcore, 2400 Gold
Degree: 70 × 8 Booster structure, × 8 Acidproof Luster, × 4 Rockcore, 2800 Gold
Degree: 80 × 11 Booster structure, × 11 Acidproof Luster, × 11 Rockcore, 3200 Gold
Degree: 90 × 5 Booster structure II, × 5 Acidproof Luster II, × 5 Heart of Sumit, 3600 Gold
Degree: 100 × 6 Booster structure II, × 6 Acidproof Luster II, × 6 Heart of Sumit, 4000 Gold
Degree: 110 × 8 Booster structure II, × 8 Acidproof Luster II, × 8 Heart of Sumit, 4400 Gold
Degree: 120 × 11 Booster structure II, × 11 Acidproof Luster II, × 11 Heart of Sumit, 4800 Gold
Degree: 130 × 15 Booster structure II, × 15 Acidproof Luster II, x15 Heart of Sumit, 5200 Gold
Degree: 140 × 20 Booster structure II, × 20 Acidproof Luster II, x20 Heart of Sumit, 5600 Gold
Degree: 150 × 5 Booster structure III, × 5 Acidproof Luster III, x5 Landsource, 6000 Gold
Degree: 160 × 5 Booster structure III, × 5 Acidproof Luster III, x5 Landsource, 6400 Gold
Degree: 170 × 5 Booster structure III, × 5 Acidproof Luster III, x5 Landsource, 6800
Degree: 180 × 5 Booster structure III, × 5 Acidproof Luster III, x5 Landsource, 7200 Gold
Degree: 190 × 6 Booster structure III, × 6 Acidproof Luster III, x6 Landsource, 7600 Gold
Degree: 200 × 6 Booster structure III, × 6 Acidproof Luster III, x6 Landsource, 8000 Gold

Claudia Present Choice

Claudia will certainly obtain added factors when she gets presents that have the adhering to attributes, such as Unusual Things, Decors, as well as Everyday Things.

Ideal Presents for Claudia

  • Fragrance Container
  • Meteorite in a Container
  • Vitamin Load
  • Retro Harmonica
  • Postcard of Aida
  • Great Image Structure
  • Blossom Arrangement
  • Mini Potted Plant
  • Woollen Headscarf
  • Space Angel Porcelain Figurine
  • Minimal Peanut Porcelain Figurine
  • Warren Fossil
  • 3D Hykros Challenge
  • Tailor-Made Fit
  • Aida ComicAida Comic
  • New Kalka Accessory
  • Tartarus Accessory

Ideal Matrices Construct for Claudia in Tower of Dream

Assistance/ BELOW DPS Construct

Claudia is an effective Hybrid-DPS personality that can either be played as a Complete DPS or a Sub-DPS personality. She is ideal coupled with an additional Physical component personality to turn on the Physical Vibration, which will certainly give an added Assault aficionado for both of them. She can additionally give a respectable Shatter, also when she is a DPS-type personality. This shatter damages is not equivalent to pure Containers, however is far better than the majority of the DPS personalities.

Claudia’s primary stamina originates from her capacity to spam ability as well as discharge, as high as feasible. The tool can obtain billed up extremely rapidly with the appropriate use of combinations.

Claudia Fight Tips as well as techniques

  • Claudia has brief AOE damages possibility on all her capacities, as well as her Assaults are extremely quick, in addition to high activity wheelchair on the combat zone.
  • Claudia’s tool ability, Roam is an one-of-a-kind capacity that permits her to reduce the effects of standing conditions in employer fights, which is a good idea to have, which does and also the decrease of inbound damages in its period. As the video game proceeds, Managers are ending up being significantly effective as well as some also created effective lovers, Claudia is the ideal personality to respond to such managers.
  • For the 4pc result, the Claudia x4 as well as Shiro 4x are possibly the most effective matrix one can outfit already, however it is suggested to make use of a 2pc mix for higher energy.

Claudia Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Establish: Rise damages by 13%/ 17%/ 20%/ 23% when striking a target in mid-air or starting an airborne assault. Reset double-jump upon striking the target in mid-air.
  • 4-piece Establish: Striking an adversary with an ability decreases the cooldowns of all tool abilities by 1.5/ 2/2.5/ 3 secs as well as enhances the damages of discharge abilities by 58%/ 80%/ 103%/ 126% for 15 secs.

Samir Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Establish: Rise damages considerably by 1% upon striking a target. Accumulate to 10/13/16/ 20 times. Lasts 1.5 secs.
  • 4-piece Establish: Rise Twin EM Stars’ electric surge damages by 16%/ 22%/ 30%/ 40% of ATK.

Shiro Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Establish: Rise both damages as well as ruin to targets with greater than 50% HP by 15%/ 19%/ 22.5%/ 26%.
  • 4-piece Establish: Upon getting in fight, obtain a 20%/ 25%/ 30%/ 35% damages increase for 35 secs. Reset 5 secs after leaving the fight.

Crossbreed Matrices Establishes

Other Than the 4pc Marix collections, you can additionally pursue crossbreed collections of 2pc given that SSR matrices are not that very easy to acquire presently as well as most gamers will not have particular ones anyhow. You can combine a variety of matrices with each other to develop dual 2pc impacts, like 2pc Samir + 2pc Claudia for rubbing strikes.

Tower of Dream Claudia Overview: Ideal group structures

Presently, Physical Groups are extremely restricted as a result of an absence of personalities, therefore, there is just one group compensation that can be created from the existing personality swimming pool. In addition to it, the Physical component can not take on various other Aspects, given that the best personalities of the claimed component have yet to get here on the Worldwide variation, whereas, solid DPS personalities with effective capacities are currently existing for various other Aspects.

Active Physical Group

In the existing swimming pool of personalities, Claudia as well as Shiro are the only Physical personalities in the SSR rarity, as well as given that Claudia has the Physical vibration which needs an additional Physical personality for activation, both of them require to be coupled with each various other.

  • Claudia + Shiro + Bane/ No/ Coco

This is a really uncomplicated group, where Claudia as well as Shiro both play the duty of DPS as well as the guard breakers. The included Physical vibration aids a great deal in addition to the Calamitous debuff result to develop a rather solid group. The 3rd port is for a versatile personality as well as is normally filled by a therapist.

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