Tower of Dream simply launched its initial Transformed Tool with a brand-new Minimal Banner for the Simulacrum ‘ Lin’ in the current 2.1 Variation upgrade. Lin is the initial usable tool in Tower of Dream that has a completely brand-new Aspect from the remainder. Her Aspect is ‘ Transformed’ and also she is a DPS tool, therefore can make it possible for the DPS Vibration. She gives a large quantity of energy to various other Aspect groups while likewise dealing big quantities of damages mid-air. In this overview, we will certainly discover more concerning the capacities of Lin in Tower of Dream, her finest matrices, group compensations, and also the products called for to level her up.

Tower of Dream Lin Overview: Personality Info

” I will certainly accomplish my responsibility with all my body and soul.”

As Ruby‘s guardian and also the Archon of Mirroria, Lin’s obligations can be virtually frustrating, however her steadiness and also dedication to her tasks constantly beam through. She is a young police officer that strolls with a mood of toughness. A popular Administrator, the devoted Lin is tremendously prominent among the citizens of Mirroria and also an idolizer in their eyes. She is a tidy fanatic and also can not stand a solitary fleck of dirt. She has extremely high criteria both for herself and also others. The attribute makes lots of people believe that she is a stickler for guidelines, however she is in fact friendly and also can be reasoned with.

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Her tool ‘Shadoweave’, in its first layout, reveals it to be a light-weight and also secretly hid tool, however it’s altered to a hefty blade by Lin’s very own demand. It is hefty and also not such as a hidden tool whatsoever.

Lin’s Tool Info

  • Tool Call: Shadoweave
  • Vibration: Protection
  • Aspect: Transformed
  • Shatter: 11.50
  • Cost: 11.50

Tool Results


When the tool is completely billed, the following strike will certainly note the target, creating a surge after 5 secs. In addition, 25% of all caused damages gotten by the target while the mark exists, approximately an overall of 560% of the ATK. Just 1 mark can be contributed to a target at once.

Defense Master

When matching Shadoweave with various other tools, the Defense Master result can be produced. Epiphyllum will certainly show up around the target arbitrarily and also take off within 1-3 secs, dealing 25% location damages.

Lin Playstyle and also Skillset Capacities

Name/Description Kind
Typical Assault Capacities
Typical Assault Assault x5
While on the ground, one have to make use of Darkness Weaver to carry out 5 strikes.
Bargain damages equivalent to 59.9% of ATK + 3.
Bargain damages equivalent to 57.1% of ATK + 3.
Bargain damages equivalent to 49.5% of ATK + 3.
Bargain damages equivalent to 114.2% of ATK + 6.
Bargain damages equivalent to 152.2% of ATK + 8.
Airborne Discharge Dive + Assault x5
While air-borne, faucet standard strike 5 times to carry out successive strikes airborne. Bargain damages equivalent to 30.6% of ATK + 2.
Bargain damages equivalent to 55.6% of ATK + 3.
Bargain damages equivalent to 48.2% of ATK + 3.
Bargain damages equivalent to 111.2% of ATK + 6.
Bargain damages equivalent to 148.3% of ATK + 8.
Scattered Dirt Assault + Hold: Assault

After the 2nd typical strike on the ground or in mid-air, hold a regular strike to activate Scattered Dirt.
Assault the target placement, dealing damages equivalent to 83.2% of ATK + 4 and also knocking the target down.
Easy: After letting loose Scattered Dirt on the ground, quickly touching typical strike will promptly release Quick Blossom (completely billed).

Quick Blossom Hold: Assault
Hold typical strike to release Quick Blossom.
Can be billed for approximately 3 heaps, with active body and also control resistance throughout billing.
Very first pile: Bargain damages equivalent to 73.9% ATK + 4.
2nd pile: Bargain damages equivalent to 146.2% of ATK + 8.
3rd pile: Bargain damages equivalent to 246.4% of ATK + 13.
Dropping Darkness Dive + Hold: Assault
Hold typical strike in mid-air to activate Falling Darkness.
Plummet from the skies, dealing damages equivalent to 160% of ATK + 8 and also knocking the target down.
Dodge Capacities
Dodge Dodge right prior to obtaining struck to activate a Phantasia, lowering the rate of opponents within a location. End up being unsusceptible to hitstun for 0.5 secs while evading.
Leafy Environment-friendly Dodge + Assault
Unleash Leafy Environment-friendly at the target while executing a backflip, dealing damages equivalent to 70% of ATK + 4, producing 1-3 epiphyllums upon hit, and also creating an Eco-friendly Area that lasts for 5 secs. When opponents in the Environment-friendly Area lock onto the Wanderer, their activity rate is lowered by 50%. Easy: Can be let loose on the ground or mid-air. Easy: Right away damage the control if in control result and also instantly launch Leafy Environment-friendly with no price of evade. Ability cooldown lasts for 20 secs.
Ability and also Discharge
Moonlight World (Ability) Produce a Moonlight World around on your own for 15 secs. The strike in the world is raised by 15%, leaping capability raised by 20%, and also endurance intake is lowered by 50%.

Cooldown: 30 secs. Gamers have to go into the unique state Airbloom, when utilizing Shadoweave in the world. Your autumn rate is significantly lowered and also you can carry out several dual dives. In this state, utilizing the directional controls or leaping switch while mid-air will certainly carry out a Roam and also introduce an assault on the target. Upon hit, offer damages equivalent to 66% of ATK + 3 and also arbitrarily produce 1-3 epiphyllums. Easy: In the Moonlight World, 1 epiphyllum will certainly be created near 1 target every 0.8 secs. Easy: When you make use of Shadoweave in Moonlight World, an additional 50% of damages is dealt to opponents with much less than 20% HP. Easy: When you make use of Shadoweave in the Moonlight world, you will certainly blink far from the target when inbound damages is found. Cooldown: 10 secs.

Easy: Defense Master (Ability) Fire: When Shadoweave is coupled with 2 fire tools, Moonlight World is transformed to Fire: Moonlight World, which lasts for an additional 4 when melting targets secs. Targets with guards take an additional 15% fire damages.

Volt: When Shadoweave is coupled with 2-volt tools, Moonlight World is transformed to Volt: Moonlight World, with a 65% possibility of not taking in an evade effort when evading, and also a 5% increase to evade strike damages, and also volt damages is improved an additional 10%.

Frost: When Shadoweave is coupled with 2 frost tools, Moonlight World is transformed to Frost: Moonlight World. While in Frost: Moonlight World, frost ATK is raised by 10%.

Physical: When Shadoweave is coupled with 2 physical tools, Moonlight World is transformed to Physical: Moonlight World. While in Physical: Moonlight World, offer damages equivalent to 50% of ATK + 3 to targets within strike array every secondly.

Equilibrium: When Shadoweave is coupled with any kind of 2 various important tools (amongst fire, volt, frost, and also physical tools), the Wanderer’s ATK is raised by 15% in the world, and also counted as turning on fire, volt, frost, and also physical vibration without vibration impacts.

Gravity Weave (Discharge) When the tool cost is complete or Phantasia is caused, changing to this tool from an additional tool eliminates all debuffs from the wielder and also releases Gravity Weave with a more powerful absorption pressure, dealing damages equivalent to 368.5% of ATK + 19. After that take off and also produce a varied diffusion wave after 5 secs, dealing damages equivalent to 184.3% + 10. Damages resistance lasts for 1.5 secs while the ability is energetic

Lin’s Improvement Degrees

Celebrity Degree Results
1 * CELEBRITY Typical strikes currently deal location damages upon hit. When there is an additional epiphyllum within the epiphyllum surge location, boost the damages of each of the succeeding epiphyllum surges by 10%, approximately an optimum of 50%. The epiphyllum generation period from Moonlight World is currently lowered to 0.5 secs.
2 * CELEBRITY Boost the existing tool’s base ATK development by 16%.
3 * CELEBRITY The epiphyllum generation period from Moonlight World is currently lowered to 0.3 secs. Epiphyllums will certainly affix to the adversary. The period of Moonlight World is currently raised to 20 secs.
4 * CELEBRITY Boost the existing tool’s base ATK development by 32%.
5 * CELEBRITY While under the result of Moonlight World, gain 30 tool cost every 2nd and also boost the damages of discharge abilities by 15%.
6 * CELEBRITY Moonlight World can be turned on approximately 2 times. Gain 1 cost from ability cooldown. Gain 1 cost from utilizing discharge abilities 3 times (efficient behind-the-scenes). The ATK benefit while within Moonlight World is raised to 15%.

Lin’s 3 Stars Improvement Degree Awaken Skin

Lin’s 3 Stars Advancement Level Awaken Skin
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Lin’s Simulacrum Awakening Qualities

Stiring Up Things Needed Opens
200 Character: Lin
600 Log: Various Confidences
1200 Attribute (Lin: Epiphyllum Bloom) Boost epiphyllum surge damages by 15%.
2000 Log: Mirror
3000 Log: Life at night
4000 Attribute (Lin: Epiphyllum Prestige) Boost epiphyllum surge damages by 20%. Decrease all resistance by 7% upon struck by epiphyllums for 7 secs. This result does not pile.

Tower of Dream Lin Level-up Overview and also Tips

In this overview, we will certainly review the exactly how to level-up Lin in Tower of Dream, in addition to every one of their duties.

Tool Degree Levelling Products Needed
Degree 10 400 Gold
Degree 20 Gold 400x, Nano Finish Ix2, Acidproof Luster I x2
Degree 30 Gold 800x, Nano Finish l x3, Acidproof Luster I x3
Degree 40 Gold 1200x, Nano Finish I x4 Acidproof Luster l x4
Degree 50 Gold 1600x, Nano Finish I x3, Acidproof Luster I x3, Booster Framework I x3, Nanofiber Framework x3
Degree 60 Gold 2000x, Nano Finish I x4, Acidproof Luster I x4, Booster Framework I x4, Nanofiber Framework x4
Degree 70 Gold 2400x, Nano Finish I x5, Acidproof Luster I x5, Booster Framework I x5, Nanofiber Framework x5
Degree 80 Gold 2800x, Nano Finish I x6, Acidproof Luster I x6, Booster Framework I x6, Nanofiber Framework x6
Degree 90 Gold 3200x, Nano Finish I x8, Acidproof Luster I x8, Booster Framework I x8, Nanofiber Framework x8
Degree 100 Gold 3600x, Nano Finish lI x5, Acidproof Luster Il x5, Booster Framework Il x5, Nanofiber Framell x5
Degree 110 Gold 3600x, Nano Finish lI x6, Acidproof Luster Il x6, Booster Framework Il x6, Nanofiber Framework ll x6
Degree 120 Gold 4000x, Nano Finish lI x8, Acidproof Luster Il x8, Booster Framework Il x8, Nanofiber Framework ll x8
Degree 130 Gold 4800x, Nano Finish lI x11, Acidproof Luster Il x11, Booster Framework Il x11, Nanofiber Framework ll x11
Degree 140 Gold 5200x, Nano Finish lI x15, Acidproof Luster Il x15, Booster Framework Il x15, Nanofiber Framework ll x15
Degree 150 Gold 5600x, Nano Finish lI x20, Acidproof Luster Il x20, Booster Framework Il x20, Nanofiber Framework ll x20
Degree 160 Gold 6000x, Nano Finish lIl x4, Acidproof Luster Sickness x4, Booster Framework Sickness x4, Nanofiber Framework lll x4
Degree 170 Gold 6400x, Nano Finish lIl x5, Acidproof Luster Sickness x5, Booster Framework Sickness x5, Nanofiber Framework lll x5
Degree 180 Gold 6800x, Nano Finish lIl x5, Acidproof Luster Sickness x5, Booster Framework Sickness x5, Nanofiber Framework lll x5
Degree 190 Gold 7200x, Nano Finish lIl x6, Acidproof Luster Sickness x6, Booster Framework Sickness x6, Nanofiber Framework lll x6
Degree 200 Gold 7600x, Nano Finish lIl x6, Acidproof Luster Sickness x6, Booster Framework Sickness x6, Nanofiber Framework lll x6

Lin’s Present Choice

Lin will certainly obtain added factors when she obtains presents that have the adhering to attributes, which entail the similarity Steel Things, Decor Things, and also Vera.

Finest Presents for Lin

  • Banges Specialized
  • Steel Alf Porcelain Figurine
  • Songs Box
  • Silver Cooking Equipment
  • Ultimate Warrior Otter
  • Institution Idolizer Albis
  • Angela Accessory
  • Minimal Peanut Porcelain Figurine
  • Snow World
  • Mirroria Plaything Bricks
  • Device Establish
  • New Kalka Accessory
  • Tartarus Accessory
  • Bunny Toss Cushion
  • Great Image Framework
  • Mini Potted Plant
  • Pinheads
  • Blossom Arrangement
  • Moonflower Accessory

Finest Matrices Construct for Lin in Tower of Dream

Lin can make use of these 2 matrices one of the most based upon her set and also playstyle. She plays a DPS function and also can make use of both her Matrices as well as likewise Claudia’s matrices. In this overview, we will certainly review the most effective Matrices develop for Lin in Tower of Dream, in addition to every one of their duties.

Lin Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Establish: Boost ATK by 2.1%/ 2.6%/ 3.1%/ 3.6% on pinch hit 18 secs, accumulating to 5 times. Just the result of the highest degree is used when acquired continuously.
  • 4-piece Establish: Every 5m took a trip within Moonlight World gives 1 pile of Moonlight, raising last damages by 4%/ 4.9%/ 5.8%/ 6.7% for 15 secs, accumulating to 3 times. This Matrix’s result is likewise energetic in the off-hand port, however just the established with the greatest celebrity ranking will certainly work.

Claudia Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Establish: Boost damages by 13%/ 17%/ 20%/ 23% when striking a target in mid-air or starting an airborne strike. Reset double-jump upon striking the target in mid-air.
  • 4-piece Establish: Striking an adversary with an ability lowers the cooldowns of all tool abilities by 1.5/ 2/2.5/ 3 secs and also boosts the damages of discharge abilities by 58%/ 80%/ 103%/ 126% for 15 secs.

Finest Group Comps for Lin in Tower of Dream

Lin is a really versatile tool to make use of and also therefore can be taken into lots of kind of group make-ups as a result of her Transformed Aspect, as she can offer enthusiasts and also magnify damages in all Components. However, below are some enjoyable and also suggested group compensations you can make use of to optimize her damages possibility.

Cobalt-B + Lin + Ruby (Fire Group)

Lin’s ‘Moonlight World’ keeps long-term in this group compensation. You ought to begin and also finish each cycle with the Ability cooldown of Cobalt-B’s ‘Battery’. This group can prolong the period of the Moonlight World when melting the target adversary as a result of her burning and also Ion Scorch impacts with Cobalt-B’s ‘Battery’ and also ‘Close Quarters’ and also make the most of Ruby’s burning damages with ‘Supernova’. In addition, it can deal added fire damages to secured targets.

Saki Fuwa + Lin + Frigg (Frost Group)

With the Moonlight World turned on, it will certainly boost Frost’s strike within the world. Dual Ice Components results from the Frost Vibration being made it possible for. Saki Fuwa’s ‘Rise’ Ruptured will certainly apply the damages ruptured of Frigg’s ‘Fimbulwinter’.

Samir + Lin + Bane (Volt Group)

This group has an opportunity of supplying consistent evade strikes as a result of the possibility of setting you back no evade efforts. Within the Moonlight World, the Volt group can deal added damages while releasing evade strikes and also offer added volt damages.

Claudia + Lin + Shiro (Physical Group)

A physical-focused group such as this can deal added damages to targets within the Moonlight World array every secondly. Shiro’s ‘Maturity’ can guarantee a steady launch and also allows you to make fast swaps with Lin and also Claudia to deal even more raised damages.

A few other blended groups consist of: ( Bane + Lin + Ruby) and also ( Tsubasa + Lin + Samir)

What are your ideas on our Lin overview in Tower of Dream? Allow us recognize in the remarks listed below!

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