Discord is a communication platform for groups of gamers. It offers a number of features that make it an excellent choice for online gaming communities. Much like Slack for the workplace, Discord is a free service that is available on multiple platforms and works through web browsers. It’s great for teamwork and can be used for business purposes as well.

Gen Z

Gen Z gamers use Discord to connect with their peers, share ideas and discuss topics. They are a diverse bunch, with interests ranging from sports to technology and everything in between. This means marketers can tap into this demographic with a wide range of content. Brands that target this audience should be young, fashionable and have a unique brand message.

Brands can target this demographic by launching customer forums and hosting live events. They can also use Discord as a direct-to-consumer platform by hosting a server or joining an existing one. The key to successful marketing on Discord is to create an environment where users can interact with each other and share knowledge and opinions. This way, brands can create a unique experience for users, who have already become fans of your brand.

Discord is an instant messaging platform that connects gamers through text, audio and video. It has over 140 million monthly active users and has expanded its user base beyond the gaming community. It has even branched out into non-gaming categories, like street style and beauty.


Businesses are starting to recognize the value of Discord as a powerful tool for reaching consumers and engaging with them in a collaborative and personalized way. The social network allows users to chat privately with each other in real time, send and receive messages, and share files and computer screens. Its simplicity allows businesses to use it without having to hire expensive marketing agencies to develop an online community.

Discord works on servers, which act as virtual hubs for users. Each user creates his or her own server, where they can meet with other Discord users and engage in voice or text chats. Users can also participate in voice or video calls with other members of their server. Before joining a Discord server, users must download the Discord application to their desktop or mobile devices.

Once inside Discord, a user can access his or her friends list and see which servers they are connected to. Every Discord user has a unique Discord tag, a case-sensitive username, and an ID number. Users can add friends and start a chat session with them. Depending on the server, they can share music, photos, and video.


While Discord has similar features to Slack, it’s user-friendly interface and casual feel makes it more approachable. Its Chief Marketing Officer even created a Fortnite platform, and the number of messages sent each month has risen from six billion to fifteen billion. Users can communicate with each other in real-time and collaborate on projects.

Businesses can take advantage of Discord’s community by running their own server or joining a pre-existing server. However, it is important to realize that this type of community is centered around a particular niche. If a brand isn’t geared toward a gaming or tech audience, it won’t have much of a presence. Instead, it is a good idea to explore other marketing avenues.

Organizations are one of the most important reasons to use Discord. In addition to allowing gamers to collaborate with one another, the platform is a great way to foster community spirit. Organizations can host events and hold player AMAs, which creates a sense of community among players.

Voice chat feature

Discord is a popular voice chat platform that lets gamers chat together in real time. The service is free and semi-public, and groups of players can create their own servers. These servers can be public or private, and they can host video and text chats.

While Discord’s voice chat feature is a great way to communicate with other gamers, its main function is as a communication tool. The service allows users to coordinate multiplayer games with their friends and can instantly sync their voice chat. This makes it a great choice for gamers looking for a convenient way to stay in touch with friends.

While Discord’s voice chat feature is an excellent feature, there are still some areas it can improve. Voice quality isn’t the best, but the team behind the service has spent the last few months making it better. The team also introduced a feature that allows users to moderate servers. Once Discord users noticed these improvements, they began telling their friends about the app.

Creating server folders

Discord users can create server folders for specific chat threads or games. This feature is simple and straightforward. Users can drag and drop servers into different folders and color code them, and they can dismiss notifications based on which folder they’re in. The folders themselves sync across all devices, making them easy to access for any user.

Using server folders is a new feature on Discord. Folders allow you to organize and group servers easily, and you can even rename them to make them stand out from the crowd. You can also add multiple servers to one folder, but you can’t merge folders.

To create a folder with multiple servers, you need to navigate to the Discord settings page. From the home page, click the “Servers” tab. Then, choose the two servers you’d like to add. Then, long-press one server icon and drag it over the other server icon. You can then drag the other server icon to the folder. The folder’s name will appear when you hover your mouse over it. You can also change the settings for your folder by right-clicking it on desktop or mobile.


Despite being free to use, Discord is not free. The service is subscription-based, with power users paying a small amount for premium features. In order to prevent racial harassment or cyberbullying, Discord has implemented a variety of security measures, including hiring a trust and safety team and implementing automated systems to filter out unwanted activities.

This messaging service is perfect for gamers who want to stay connected with friends. They can send screenshots and gifs, plan in-game actions, and share gaming goodies. Some people even use it to stream video games to friends. They can also give other gamers game access, which is great for allowing them to be able to play them together.

Discord is profitable because it uses the power of its community to build thriving ecosystems around their brands and their communities. For instance, the sports apparel company Adidas uses Discord to communicate with customers. Discord offers free features to encourage users to create habits, but allows users to elevate the experience with paid features. The bigger the group, the more incentive there is to maintain a great community experience.

Platform agnostic

Discord is platform agnostic, which means that it doesn’t depend on a particular platform to run. The company has over 140 million monthly active users, making it one of the most popular gaming platforms around. In fact, it’s so popular that Microsoft was reportedly interested in acquiring it, but the deal fell through, so the service will continue to exist independent of the big companies.

Discord integrates well with other games. Popular games like Fortnite and Pokemon Go have large followings on the service. There are public and private servers for each game. For instance, a squad of Fortnite players can create their own private server. Discord also has integrations with various apps, including Spotify and Twitch accounts. It even works with Xbox One, so gamers can chat with their friends while playing the game. Sony is working on integrating Discord with its consoles as well.

Discord has undergone some growing pains, including concerns about content moderation and the safety of children. Fortunately, Discord has implemented a new feature that bars children under 13 from joining the site. It will also ban anyone whose account is associated with a racist or other inflammatory ideology.